ZXID IdP New User Creation

AttributeInitial ValueRequired?Sharing Default
UsernameRequiredInternal use
(please make note***)
AssignedInternal use
Intervention Password reset requires human intervention Optional 
Your Name (CN) Optional* Share
Job Title Optional Share
Tax Number Optional Share
Organization Optional Share
Org. Unit Optional Share
Street Address Optional* Share
Location, Zip, Country Optional* Share
Emails Optional** Share
IM / Skype Optional Share
Phone (international) (e.g. +15035470202) Optional Share
Language Preference (2 letter code, e.g. "en") Optional Share
Self tagging Optional Share
Reg. Source IP54.236.246.85DetectedInternal use
Comments or special requests (internal use, reply at our discretion)
* Required for SP registration (optional for normal users).
** You have to supply email if you ever want to use password reset feature.
*** We follow assigned password policy (i.e. you do not get to choose password - we generate random one for you) because this prevents sharing password with, e.g. facebook, and prevents choice of easily guessable passwords. If you let your web browser's password manager remeber the password, be sure the protect the password manager with a master password. If you write down the password, be sure to encrypt it or store it in an otherwise safe way. Make note of the password now as there will not be an opportunity later in the registration.

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