TAS$^3$: User Interface Contribution (to be integrated in Architecture)

Jan 20, 2010

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Table of Contents

1 Intro
2 Generalized Use Cases
2.1 User Uses Service (First Time in the Session)
2.2 Already-Logged-in Optimization (SSO)
2.3 User Uses Dashboard
2.4 IdP Detected-Optimization (SSO)
2.5 User Uses Service, Identity Selector Case
2.6 User Uses Service, Local Login Case
2.7 User Uses Service, Proxy IdP Case
2.8 Consenting to PII Release or Manipulation
2.8.1 Interaction on Front Channel
2.8.2 Interaction on side channel
2.8.3 Interaction via Dashboard
2.9 Using Linking Service
2.10 Choosing among Multiple Service Providers
2.10.1 Simple Choice of Provider
2.10.2 Trust and Privacy Negotiation Assisted by User Interaction
2.11 User-Not-Present Transaction
2.12 User Present Delegation
2.13 User-Not-Present Delegation
2.14 Other Use Case Work
2.15 Future Use Case Work