16-Apr-2012, Sampo Kellomäki (sampo@zxidp.org)

Per decisions of TAS3 General Assembly of 2010-09-13 (TAS3_General_Assembly_minutes_2010_09_13_Leuven_V03.doc), following declaration was made (official declaration can be accessed at http://vds1628.sivit.org/tas3/?page_id=150 - about 2/3 way down the page):

"TAS3 architecture and specifications, as described in public deliverables D2.1, D2.4, and D7.1, are licensed free for implementation and use by anyone. Up to June 2010, TAS3 consortium partners do not hold patents nor will exercise patents that cover implementation and use of the TAS3 architecture and specifications of those deliverables. This license is only granted for the specific purpose of correct implementations of TAS3 specifications."

For further openness, it should be noted that ZXID, which is distributed under Apache2 open source license, is the Reference Implementation of the TAS3 Core Security Architecture, i.e. from software licensing perspective TAS3 is available in open source. Many other components of TAS3 are available in open source as well.