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Download Old Releases (Apache2 licensed)
zxid-1.42.tgz 20160227 - Sig and hash algos made configurable, HTTP Action header fix, UMA and OAUTH work
zxid-1.22.tgz 20141009 - Multivalued attribute matching, valgrind cleanups, changed URL config to BURL
zxid-1.18.tgz 20131126 - Windows and dietlibc support fixes, zxid_httpd
zxid-1.16.tgz 20131111 - new build system, Windows support fixes
zxid-1.15.tgz 20131031 - major new developments, multiple bug fixes
zxid-1.11.tgz 20121114 - major new developments, wrt audit bus, multiple bug fixes
zxid-1.05.tgz 20111209 - timestamp, VPATH, DEBUG conf options, minor fixes
zxid-1.02.tgz 20110725 - Fixed file naming in discovery
zxid-1.01.tgz 20110630 - x86_64 warnings fix, mod_auth_saml cookie passing fix
zxid-1.0.tgz 20110531 - Declared 1.0 due to long stability of 0.83
zxid-0.82.tgz 20110310 - Added Proxy IdP support, fixed crash on malformed XML
zxid-0.81.tgz 20110308 - Fixed return value of zxid_az() in Deny case
zxid-0.80.tgz 20110302 - Fixed out of memory error
zxid-0.79.tgz 20110301 - Fixed leap day handling in zx_timegm()
zxid-0.78.tgz 20110223 - Fixed fault handling in zxid_call()
zxid-0.77.tgz 20110216 - IdP bug fixes TAS3 #493, #494
zxid-0.76.tgz 20110126 - Fixed leakage of default namespace from request to response in zxid_call()
zxid-0.75.tgz 20110124 - Fixed encoding of empty namespace prefix, MINGW build fixes
zxid-0.74.tgz 20110122 - Axis2 integration
zxid-0.73.tgz 20101219 - Stabilization, test coverage
zxid-0.72.tgz 20101205 - Refactoring, stabilization
zxid-0.71.tgz 20101123 - Refactoring, stabilization
zxid-0.70.tgz 20101113 - Major rewrite of XML and sig engine, refactoring
zxid-0.69.tgz 20101020 - Fix Java build (stable)
20101015 - Pass token in XACML call
 git clone git://zxid.org/zxid (Anon GIT)
 git clone git://zxid.org/pd (Anon GIT)
 Please write author for commit access.

Download Binaries
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Windows, some Linux distros

TAS3 & IoS Reference Implementation
TAS3 Official, ZXID-TAS3 (local)
TAS3 Architecture Docs


Old Releases Page

BUG ALERT 20110301: Leap year calculation error in 0.78 and earlier A leap year calculation error is causing SSO assertions to be rejected starting March 1, 2011. The telltale error message in log is
t zxidsso.c:476 zxid_validate_cond zx E ssof: NotBefore rejected with slop of 39600. Time to validity 86400 secs. Our gettimeofday: 1298938582 secs, remote: 1299024982 secs
Best fix is to upgrade to 0.79 release or latest from anon git. If you can't upgrade, use the BEFORE_SLOP to ignore the problem, i.e. put in /var/zxid/zxid.conf

Sorry about that, --Sampo

ZXID mailing list
zxid.user@lists.unh.edu archives


All ZXID documentation as one convenient 300 plus page monolithic book.

Deploy SAML on Apache w/o programming

Nitty gritty on all options

Circle of Trust
Set up a Circle of Trust (aka Trust Network, Federation, or Ecosystem)

Install from package or source

zxid_simple() -- Easy API for SAML

API Reference -- Every Function

Program like pros (and fix your own problems)

Make Identity Web Services Calls using ID-WSF

Secure Logging
Digitally signed logging facility

Java -- Using ZXID from Java

Net::SAML -- Using ZXID from Perl

php_zxid -- Using ZXID from PHP

Using zxididp to implement IdP, Discovery, IDMapping, and People Services

Crypto and Cert Tutorial

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

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